Pequins (Pequot)/ Mohiingan (Mohegan) prayers at our ceremonies

Many people are now coming to our websites and bloggers looking for information on how to pray the Traditional American Native way.
Our Creator (you call by many names). 
To Creator a name is not important, talking to Creator is extremely important!
In spite of the fact that we do not write down sacred ceremonies, you should not be upset?
We call Creator, Grandfather or Grandmother because Creator, although not be to lowered to a human status, is like your grandmother or grandfather and much more, do not get hung up on reciting prayers that you heard or have seen written down someplace.
This is one of the reasons why we use things like smudging, friendship pipe and tobacco, this gives one time to take a deep breath and just talk as if you were talking to a loving elder, because you are!
Your mad? Yell, get it out!
your happy? Scream, enjoy the moment!
Remember Creator loves you and so do we!

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