Wannabe Native Americans

AQUINE (Peace to you)
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wannabe native Americans
First let me write about an answer that keeps coming up on search engines when this question is asked.

"Top answer: a wannabe is someone who wants to be seen as native, but isn't. if you are not a citizen of a native nation then you are not native. it is very simple."

Well  Wannabe people, you are wrong!
At no time did American Natives become citizens of a tribe, their people were not in a nation.
The word citizen is a European word like the words Nation and  Reservation!

With your way of thinking Ishi was not a native?
Ishi by the way was The Last of His Tribe, not the last of his nation!

A wannabe native American (American Native), like this person I was just writing about,
 is not a person without a government card or a government controlled card holder allowed by non native people told that he/she is allowed to be called an Indian.

Wannabe native American people are some people with the blood, no matter how much, that go around without the traditional knowledge of the ancestors telling people how they feel a person can be a true American Native.
Again like these people I was just writing about!
I have met so many of these card carrying people, fooled by the government into giving up so much of what their ancestors loved about their culture, ceremonies and land, just to carry a piece of plastic, you know who you are and shame on you for giving up on your true traditional elders and your people, if you truly do have native people!

Second~ A wannabe native American person is not necessarily a person without American Native blood, a wannabe native American person is a person without American Native blood that tries to convince people that he/she is an American Native.

As you may or may not see while traveling around the internet, some teaching about our people will not compute with what the elders taught as the truth and many times taught by non native people or people not from our tribe!

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