Are Some Recreational Boaters Reducing Our Fish Stock?

Ruining the Fish We Catch?
The recreational boats that have 3 smokers aboard going out for a day of beer and fishing.
Returning with no empty beverage containers, cigarette butts, or single used plastic bags.
My guess is that recreational boaters are not the only ones polluting and Littering our waters!

Fish are not the only things being polluted, everything in the waters is becoming a cancer trap including endangered species!
Bottom carpeting.
The food chain in any area starts with the bugs and seaweed living on the bottom.
The bottom becomes covered with the cans and bottles and the exposed sea or lake floor of mud and seaweed is reduced.
If you have 20 littering boats drinking and littering two 12 packs for 100 days during the year, they would have littered 24,000 beverage containers.
This means each year they carpet 28,000 square feet of the bottom terrain.
Cigarette butts are one of the worst items to flick overboard.
Fish will eat them before the end of the day.
Now the cancer chemicals from the plastic and in the fish you are catching and grilling up at home.

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