My gatekeeper is a Native American?

Manchester, United Kingdom
to my blogger posting Native American Gate keeper?
Looking for an answer to your question
I think my gatekeeper is a Native American?
Native American Gate keeper?
The answer is YES!
Your gatekeeper could very well be a Native American person however, now your native person could never become a Gate Keeper to any of our ceremonies without going through a very sacred ceremony in our circle.
WHY, you might ask?
The words Native American together with the words Gate Keeper could be the answer.

There was, is and should never be a "Gatekeeper" in a true traditional Eastern Woodland Native American Ceremony!
We in this tribal clan have no desire to pick apart anyone’s religious belief however, we do worship different supreme beings!
Creator is an extremely jealous God and has never and will never share the people!
Creator is the creator of ALL.
Your god was created by Creator?

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