Bright Star or Alice Bright Star

There seems to be some confusion on the Internet

Alice Storey (AKA) Bright Star Pequins (Pequot)/ Mohiingan (Mohegan) born June 16th 1860
To William Thomas Storey 1837 to 1919 ( Irish/Pequin (Pequot)
Mary Tracy Fielding Storey 1840 to 1919 Pequins (Pequot)/ Mohiingan (Mohegan)

Algonquin Speaking people of the Eastern Woodland America Native Area.

Mary and Alice always wore Seven Eagle Feathers, the sign of matriarch family royalty.

We are the last of the royal family!

We are of a Matriarch Society

We are the Storey Clan, descendants of the Mohiingan (Mohegan's) an Algonquin Speaking American Native people of Turtle Island and Unkas (Uncas), the first Sachem of the Mohiingan (Mohegan's).

Sachem Uncas changed the name from Pequot back to the original name Mohiingan and the Early European settlers again misspelled it to become Mohegan.

The Algonquin speaking people were the largest group of American Native or indigenous peoples along the Eastern coast of what is today known as the United States.

We are also descendents of Samson Occum, an American native Preacher and an ancestor of both Mary Tracy Fielding Storey and Bright Star, Alice Storey. "

This is a different tribe.

Wahtawaso, (AKA Bright Star) the daughter of Joseph Nicolar - Penobscot - 1884

Note: The Penobscot (Panawahpskek) are a sovereign people indigenous to what is now Maritime Canada and the northeastern United States, particularly Maine.

They were (and are) significant participants in the historical and present Wabanaki Confederacy, along with the Abenaki, Passamaquoddy, Maliseet, and Mi'kmaq nations.

A patriarchal society

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