A Freedom of Expression

While this is true and many of our citizens did go to war to protect this right, it is also true that we should never take advantage of this freedom!
Sad to say that that statement is no longer true!
This posting is written for people of the Plains that medal into the East coast people's ceremony's and the East coast people that medal into the plains people's ceremony's!
In this country we have the first amendment, as you can see from the website above! However, most writers worth their weight will tell you and show you proof of what they are writing about.
It is customary to provide links to a source to which they choose to write about!
Then there is this "expert writer writing about every tribe ever to exist in this country"
I cannot mention name's or the many aliases however, he does admit to delusions about his self admittance of Historical Fiction and disabilities.
I guess this gives him and them the right to write whatever he and they wish and you, the reader, to believe everything that he and they are writing about, because after all they are the author (playwright) in charge. 
Someone please help me, I have been looking for many years now for some (any) proof that these writers, from both places, have ever left their computers to check on even one of their articles?
Unfortunately it is still true that at times the pen is still mightier than the sword! Accurate or Fiction!
If you are a Traditional American Native and read about our people you should have no problem pointing a finger or two!
So, is it that they only wish to find a way into your pockets or because they are a nobody with a need to pat themselves on the back?

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