A true Sacred Naming Ceremony

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A very old elder ( now ancestor) in my Grandfather tribe once told me
that ” The only dumb question is the question that you think of, but are
afraid to ask!”
The question (by no means dumb) is
I am an elementary school teacher and we study the People of the Eastern Woodland. We give a historic overview and emphasize their modern presence. We study naming traditions of different tribes and have created a “naming ceremony,” in which students receive names. It’s very serious and solemn and with the intention of experiential learning. Do you think this is something disrespectful that we shouldn’t do?
Our answer is
If this is a serious request, sorry but we get so much spam, I would be glad to help you.
Every teacher gets a lot of leeway and to the head of the class from this tribal family!
By teaching this subject make it a point that your students know that their classroom tribe (class room) is for the school year and that you are their classroom chief (teacher). Our tribal clan will help as much as you want if you just ask questions.
A true Sacred Naming ceremony, like all of our Sacred Ceremonies is just that, SACRED!
Thank-you for asking for help.
Just think of this your study as a religious person would teaching your students how your God wrote the ten commandments or Jesus and the cross.
After all this name is a sacred prayer name for a personal communication with our ( Creator) God!
It is no joke!
We hope that you know that there are thousands of phony’s teaching phony ceremonies, this is why we are writing on our bloggers, postings and websites.

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