Prayer Rock (GOT YA)!

If you did not get the opportunity to read this old website, you are too late!
This is just another of thousands of ways money can change our history by people that do not wish for you to know the truth!
Think about that when you go to vote!
You may think that this is no big deal, removing important web addresses, changing the name of a rock, giving native land to another without permission, selling land that is not your to sell and so on however, with these thousands of little changes since the 1970s outsiders end up with enough money to buy votes and/or change history!
Libraries in towns around our land once full of information, are now void with cobwebs on the shelf's.
The old website
While scanning through my visits from people looking for the truth on the internet about the Natives Americans of this country
I found this question Cochegan?
and this link for their answer!
The problem with this information is that it is incorrect!
Read the complete website and see?
Of course the website no longer goes to that site, I wonder why? :-)
We no longer use dial up by EarthLink.
Silent Doug seems to be silent?
Their website is also now silent?

I am so old that I can remember that after a hand shake one would rather cut off that hand then the agreement!
Now if you shake hands on an agreement you had better be holding both hands, you never know what the other hand is doing?

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