kanjidao ( Our word for prayer)
I had a very pleasing kanjidao ( talk with our Creator) late last night.
I added the word OUR, because you all came up in this prayer.
As always I went through all of my list of things that I wished to discuss in prayer, when out of the blue the words came to me, ” Say Thank-you”!
Of course I immediately said thank-you Creator?
Again “say Thank-you”!
Again Thank-you Creator!
Not to me to all of your friends I am having you write too.
Creator was letting me know that I have been a little selfish while writing these past few months.
I wish to thank all of the people that have come to visit my postings while I stumble through this blogger, posting the well of our Creator.
Sometimes you are silent, I know that this is because I tend to go off on a subject far too strong.
Sometimes you just click LIKE.
Sometimes you click on a few Stars.
Sometimes you even write a few words of encouragement however, each time, you full my heart with your love and understanding and this gives me the courage to continue on with the words of our elders, now ancestors and tax the patience of Creator.
As you must have seen by now sometimes I have a language barrier, a little trouble with English and I even stump spell check now and again, but you stick in there in spite of me?
Taw-but-ni ( Thank-you all)

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