Have you ever traveled the Bible Belt?

Been on the road for awhile traveling around this bible belt and found another main reason why religious people are having so much trouble converting us, the American Native people, over to their religion!
Notice that I said another reason and not the only reason.
I spent many hours talking with some of these religious people.
It would seem (in fact one can tell) that they have no use for any race or color other than white, and then only a few of them.
I was beginning to wonder if it might be because they do not even like themselves?
They go to church at least once a week and bible study at least twice a week, then these people tell racist jokes and look down their noses at everyone and will run you over getting out of the church parking lot!
While in a conversation and try finding out just where they do stand, you will get,
Makes one wonder just who their god really is?
Many of these people believe in one god, some call their god by a different name however, one god.
Many Native Americans also believe in only one god, many call their god by different names however, one god.
If we will only take a moment to communicate in a discuss of these names in a dialogue who knows, we may even find a way to just get along, what do you think?
It is so sad to find out that human nature demands that you are always right and everyone else is always wrong.

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