People need to put their brain into gear before they open their mouth!

Not to be out done by Mitt Romney's open mouth and stick your foot into it, once again the Republican party has allowed John McCain in the media.
John, you cannot look at a person and tell if they have 1/32 blood from any indigenous peoples!
Did he know while poking fun that there is about 10 so called Cherokee tribes?
If this old sailor has been is the best weapon that the Massachusetts republican party and U.S. Sen. Scott Brown can come up with to save his job, U.S. Sen. Scott Brown is in serious trouble!
Thanks to narrow minded people like our senator McCain, people like Elizabeth Warren have been beat up and put down for years, she never claimed to be a member of any tribe, she just claimed to have some native American blood.
People like Senator McCain need to put their brain in gear before you open your mouth!

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