Land is owned by our mother, Mother Earth

Native Americans do not own the land
Why Native Americans Really Don't Own United States of America
By Walter Olson
The land is owned by our mother, Mother Earth. How can one own their mother?
That said, a good example of a land claim by a native family against a non native government happened some years ago when a group of people, one found out much later that this group of people were dressed as natives (Plains Indian natives) attacked my homestead in Connecticut and massacred everyone in and around this property, the land stayed unoccupied for some years because the rest of the family fearing that the same thing would happen to them, stayed clear, can you blame them?
This government then took the land by eminent domain and built a garbage to energy plant over the victims graves!
Not only has Indian title been the subject of an extensive legal literature since the very start of the American experiment — much of it written by scholars and reformers highly sympathetic toward Native Americans and their plight — but Indian land claims resurged in the 1970s to become the subject of a substantial volume of litigation in American courts, casting into doubt (at least for a time) the rightful ownership of many millions of acres, until the past few years, when the U.S. Supreme Court finally brought down the curtain on most such claims.
How the Indians Lost Their Land.
Richard Reinsch of Liberty Fund’s Liberty Law Blog draws at some length how Indian casinos came to dot the land, and, on the other, how land claims by American tribes have emerged as a flashpoint for the assertion of human-rights claims against the United States by United Nations agencies.

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