Justice denied for Native American women

To end violence against indigenous women in the US?
(1)- The only way to stop this and all violence is to really give American natives back their land or at least part of it, not a controlled corral called reservation.
(2)- Make this, their land, into a state of the United States.
(3)- Or end this make believe nation to nation joke and set them free throughout the land.
What's the old saying?
There are no Indians in Indiana!
There are no Native Americans east of the Mississippi!
Can legislation help end violence against indigenous women in the US?
What do you think? How should tribal and US governments solve this problem?
Once again our government is trying to claim that there are no longer indigenous peoples east of the Mississippi?
Check out their map.

According to the 2010 US Census, there were approximately 5.2 million Native Americans and Alaska Natives in the United States. Of those, 78 per cent live outside of native lands, 20.5 per cent live on reservations or trust lands, and 1.5 per cent live on Alaska Native Village areas.
These populations belong to 566 federally recognized tribes. These tribes maintain "a nationhood status and retain inherent powers of self-government", often in the form of tribal councils.

Remember casino indians do not count as real traditional native Americans.

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