There is a recurring problem in Indian country

Time again to make an enemy!
Claiming Indian Heritage Does Not Make It So
Every time a non native wishes to write about anything native they go to a reservation, why?
Because they have a captive audience, never mind the thousands of other tribes, this is the easier way to do their job!
The following so called problem is a relatively new one.
Some ( 30, 40 years now)that did not exist until Plains Indians allowed non Indians to corral them into Jails (reservations).
It gets old real fast needing to tell closed minded people to go back to school and study our history!
This article is written from a Lakota perspective and we all know how I feel about "the Lakota perspective"!
Long before any plains people knew what a Whiteman was, we in the east were being slaughtered, assimilated and pushed west by these Whiteman so, do not tell us that we do not exist just because you and your masters, the Whiteman, say so, WE ARE HERE!
The media and the plains Indians, not all just most, must be taught the full history of Indian country.
Once they do this they will need to finally admit that there are many more American Natives in this country other than those poor mistreated little old plains Indians.
We need to get these people into the real world!
Native American Tribes, like many non native countries did not use so many rules just to except their people as their people, this government is making up the rules and if you want to be able to be supported by this government you must obey their rules!
None of this make you a Native American, your ancestors made you a Native American, Period!
If you think that this is harsh, you should have been a fly on the wall before many corrections!

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