Only one took the time to learn this prayer.

They should never be alone

His ancestors invited the family to help in a crossing.
Few were interested in learning the reason why?
Only one took the time to learn this prayer.
Setting aside religion, byes, prejudice, beliefs and non beliefs one must,
Honoring the Passage of Death.
A Native American Perspective on Crossing Over.
Although at the time of death, our, and many religions, know that a person is with their god (we call Creator).
Many times this death is a very confusing time for the body and the family members, not their spirit.
So, many Native American tribes ask their Traditional Spiritual Teacher to pray an extremely sacred crossing ceremony.
This ceremony is by no means a worship of the evil spirits running around Mother Earth, it is for the comfort of the body and a helpful understanding about the ways of our people, the true American natives of the land.
Without a group of students, and/or family members, from a native American tribe and a willingness to learn the correct ways of their people from a qualified Traditional Spiritual Teacher, their culture and ceremonies will soon go the way of the vast majority of wildlife on Mother Earth (Extinction).
The many native American family members in any cemetery, some with and many without markers deserve to have their relations come and fuss over them, without your ancestors, you would not be. AHO?

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