Answering a personal question from a reader

I have had this dream since retiring however it now seems to be falling on deaf ears. It is about what I call a universal round table.
Every school in Indian country native and non native needs to hold an after diner round table with the students and the public.
This round table means inviting every religion to this meeting with no holds bar.
Every Religion!
Before retirement I have been invited to many schools for this type of round table meeting. We the religious leaders would make a very short speech just to let everyone know a little about ourselves then sit down and answer questions.
First from the students than the public, then one to one, one question from student, one question from public or religions leader!
Every religious leader is asked the same question, if necessary, until the person asking is satisfied with answers!
I still get invited now and again so I know that there is a lot of interest from our children from kindergarten through college!
Teach the children on their level, when they become adults they will teach their children on their level.
The student, public and so called leaders, soon find out that our, so call differences are not so different after all and plans are made for many more meetings from this new friendship.

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