Vikings or Christopher Columbus?

A family from the Kings of the Vikings wrote to me a little upset and you can see why, they never heard Viking ancestors to have killed Native Indian tribes.
They landed here before Columbus did and he gets to be celebrated as a hero.
The problem today Is, people have eyes, but do not see.
They have ears, but do not hear.
Have hearts but do not listen to what it is telling them, no matter if it is right or wrong.
Things of the past cannot be corrected, if all people do is turn their heads and ignore.
People know from the signs when the seasons change, but they don’t see the time before them.
If we could try to correct some of the past errors, maybe the future could be a better place.
My Answer
As long as one has the blood of any native American around the New England area they, would more than likely, have the blood of the visiting Vikings.
Two of the elders from my grandfathers clan that were also my teachers are Passamaquoddy tribal members.
As they taught, the Normans and the Vikings were our friends.
They intermarried, helped and learned from our ancestors.
(NO), never at war with our people!
At those round tables I spoke about in the last communication to you and there were many.
I found that everyone was very excited to learn and teach their culture.
I did feel that the more of these round tables the less chance of war, hate, and lack of understanding!
People in the government fear that if they shut down Columbus day all of the Italians would protest with a million man march to shut them out of office.
I tried this as an Independent leader once while in Connecticut many years ago!
If many more of our people would freely write about their past through the eyes of Creator and not as what they can get from it, the world would be much more interested in ours as well as their own ancestors, culture, ceremonies and this countries past.
You have the Royal blood, do you know if you are also a relation to a William W Uncas?
Yes, in the end I expect to see once again that the same people will steal this information, push it out on the unsuspecting public as their own and run with it however, in the end at least it will get out into our schools and so on.

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