Mohawk woman ascends to sainthood at Vatican

Nearly blind Kateri Tekakwitha lived more than 3 centuries ago in Kahnawake, Que.

I have written about this subject over and over for about a year now however, each time I had to delete the page because as hard as I tried I stepped out of the blessings of Creator (God).

To please the ancestors and the questions from our traditional people I try once again.
It is with a heavy heart, tears and many prayers one must write something about this subject because we must believe this young lady would like all to remember.
I am pleased that my Mohawk brothers and sisters found a way to bridge the gap between our beliefs and the beliefs of the Europeans so many years ago.
 I am pleased to see a women from the Matriarch side of the Mohawk tribe receive her just dues by doing what her elders have been doing for centuries however, one must know by now that Creator (God) is not pleased that the Europeans and the tribe have turned this into a circus.

Two men in Plains Indian feathered headdresses wait for the start of the canonization ceremony in St. Peter's Square.
Pride is the destroyer of the heart.
Lily of the Mohawks walked on Mother Earth from 1656 to 1680.
It is obvious that, like so many of our people before her, Creator chose to use her to help guide her people and the Europeans, like so many of her people before her to care for and help treat the poor and sick children of Creator, both tribal and non tribal.
Like so many of our people, the last thing this blessing for Creator would want is to be looked apron as someone special.
Because in Creators eyes, we that obey the wishes of the Creator of creation are all saints!
Remember while reading about this that only Creator can clean, bless and cure any of creation.

Mohawk Teachings

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