Mohawk Teachings

Welcome to the Village of Ravena New York

By looking for information about Mohawk traditional teaching you came to visit my postings, Welcome.

Remember after arriving on my posting that, first, the Mohawk's are my brothers and sisters, blood relations from far back in our heritage, these blogs are about my people, close but no cigar. Next, I do not wish disrespect in any way or try to change another's culture. That said, Creator teaches only one way, Creators way?

To the best of my knowledge from my elders, now ancestors, in my culture Creator is no respecter of persons. In other words Creator loves all creation equally? Mohawk sister "Lily of the Mohawks" was doing a good thing and by doing a good thing may have helped non natives better understand her people however, I believe that one of the reasons for her good work was that she came from the Matriarch side and was doing what all Matriarch's did daily, Creators works. This takes nothing away from her, it should give more meaning of her life and the life of all traditional tribal women?

Pride is the destroyer of the heart.

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