Adoption Ceremony?

Once again while going through my Visitor Tracker, I find that many of the visitors are still asking about our Adoption ceremony, so a little updating may be necessary about this also?
I just updated the pipe now for the Adoption ceremony?
As you may know by now my people go back long before first contact, I grew up around the New England area, the first place of this contact.
It was hard enough with all of the warring tribes from the north always invading looking for an easy was to live at the expense of other people, now we start getting invaded from the east by Europeans.
Each traditional tribe in the area needed to do something or become extinct!
While the friendship ceremony did except some into a tribe, battles were take our people much faster than giving birth.
This ceremony was agreed on and made long and hard because my ancestors knew that keeping the culture and ceremonies was far more important than just loading up the village!
The defeated enemy was allowed into the fort village, if they wish to stay however, the tribe needed to maintained the blood lines!
Enter the Clan Mother Adoption Ceremony, a way to teach and show the ceremonies and culture hands on, along with a sacred way of maintaining the blood line!
As explained earlier, after passing this called (13 Moon Clan Mother Adoption Ceremony) one was excepted as full blood!
6/12/11 Clan Mother/Adoption into a tribe.

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