Our pipe?

Pipe Ceremony?
Once again while going through my Visitor Tracker, I find that some 75% of the visitors are still asking about our Pipe ceremony, so a little updating may be necessary?
Our pipe?
As with many of our ceremonies, the pipe is a ceremony based on prayer too, and blessing from Creator.
Tribes around Mother Earth go about this basically the same way while using material found around their own area. Reasonable because of travel restrictions!
The central and western parts of Indian country use a type of stone found around their area.
The East coast, my people used a few things however, the easiest was wood because at that time trees were everywhere.
Anyone can make and use a pipe however, and this must be repeated, HOWEVER, only a pipe built, offered to Creator, excepted in the ceremony and blessed by Creator can be used in our ceremonies!
Our Native American pipe ceremony
6/10/11 Native American pipe ceremony, Traditional
My fathers, fathers, father, a war chief, receiver a pipe from his father.
The spiritual leader took this pipe to Creator in our ceremony and it has been past down since as our friendship pipe.
Back then after defeating your enemy you as the War Chief receive a pipe. After this ceremony you must seek out your defeated enemy and smoke the pipe of friendship!
After this Friendship ceremony you become brothers!

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