Canton Georgia tribal clans/native Americans

What is a Native American Clan?
tribal clans/native Americans
Canton Georgia
What is a Native American Clan?
The word Clan is relatively new in Indian country it, like so many things came along with first contact, now everyone, including me, uses the word for ease of understanding.
Remember, up until the end of the 1980's native people were a very small group and lived in villages as tribes.
After this government added some laws ( for a change trying to do good for our people) that made it a little easier to get some of our land back, of course, like so many times in the past, non natives found ways to corrupt the system.
Now instead of a hand full of traditional people each tribe including ones that have long passed into extinction, have thousands of people per tribe.
Now to your question (Clans)!
As I have explained in a past posting
Native American Occult.(06/30/2011
The word Clan came along for a ride after this first contact.
First contact?
The first time the red man was invaded by non native people.
Each country that came to our shores carries with them many things, one of those was their culture, Clans!
Each country was in one way or another divided up into clans.
So now with so many Native American and wannabee native Americans in a tribe this tribe became divided into many clans, or families and groups of people.
Some, like the few Traditional Native American tribes,(families or clans) is a good thing.
Some, like the Occult tribes, or people only looking for a casino, not so good for the Traditional tribes ( families, clans, culture and ceremonies).

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