Comparing Hamas to the Shawnee leader Tecumseh?

Writing on Mondoweiss, New Yorker Nima Shirazi compared Hamas to the "Shawnee leader Tecumseh, who dared resist the ongoing white settlement, genocide and ethnic cleansing of Native Americans."
How can we ever get it right when it is written by a Euro~ American or in this case none of the above?
Tecumseh was a leader of a nation that was being assimilated by a Euro~ American nation!
The Hamas are a group of people that took over a nation of people who’s name was changed by a Roman conquering nation that adsorbed Israeli!
It seems that even the Egyptian's recognizes Israel as a people at least back as far as 1200 BC!
After many wars the Roman Empire captured Jerusalem in 66 BC and it was absorbed into the Roman empire. In 1 BC a series of revolts against the Romans led to the forced dispersal of much of the Jewish population from Jerusalem and Judea, Jerusalem being renamed Aelia Capitolina and Judea province renamed Syria Palestina by the Roman Empire, this however, did not happen from any Arabian war and as stated it was much of not all of that country! In other words many Israelites stayed behind, that makes them native to the land!
So Hamas ( Palestine) should be compared the American war machine a conquering nation and Israeli to Chief Tecumseh!
A Special Place in Hell
by Bradley Burston
Thanksgiving at the end of a war between natives, Gaza and Israeli
At this time I think a little wise sense of humor would be in order.
Tecumseh and the General while sitting on a log discussing the Indians next move out west, Tecumseh kept sliding over on the log toward the General and saying "move over".
This was repeated until finally the General was at the end of the log and Tecumseh gave him a shove and said once more "move over". The General replied " I can't, I am at the end of the log".
Tecumseh then said wisely to him, "now you know how it is for my people".
How many more times should the western countries allow the Arabian countries to tell Israeli to move over before Israeli pushes back and takes back the log?

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