Quinnipiac Traditions

Thanksgiving: Native Roots, National Holiday and Quinnipiac Traditions
If you are ever, for whatever reason in the area, do yourself a tremendous favor!
Stop by for the prayer ceremony or better yet, spend time even before just making friends.
If invited also enjoy the feast afterwards!
My father and his father before him (my grandfather) and I have had the pleasure of visiting with this great group of people a number of time on our National Day of Mourning.
The Clan Mothers always treat everyone as their family, they also serve good food!
This day (NATIONAL DAY OF MOURNING) is so called because, before first contact native life was very laid back.
Yes, by today's standard, it seemed strange, hard and slow however, you could send your child out to play without a fear of child abusers, murders and drug pushers!
The first thing encountered was a species of rat found over in Europe that stored poison in its urine.
This poison wiped out the complete village at contact after just a few weeks.
Then came Christopher Columbus and guns!
A few years later came Smallpox in free blankets from the Euro American soldiers!
Now we have Casino Indians, a select group of people put into a reservation by this Euro American government!

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