It was time to decide to move to Florida full time (medical reasons) and become a Floridian (1999).
As a diehard UCONN (men & women) fan this was a real hard sell.
Looking first at NCAA football, at that time it was a Gator (University of Florida) or a Seminole (University of Florida State)?
As a lover of endangered animals ( Alligators) and a proud Traditional American Native, again this was a hard decision, that is until I started checking into the schools and their history!
University of Florida, Ben Hill Griffin Stadium is called the Swamp, gators live in swamps, it is located in Gainesville, same as my VA Hospital, Mascot, a funny fluffy set of gators- Albert and Alberta.
University of Florida State, Bobby Bowden Field at Doak Campbell Stadium?
As a high school player adult fan of football I never did like the way this coach ran up scores on all opponents, the school is up in the panhandle, this house is in central Florida.
As a lifelong Traditional Native American I am insulted by this thing that they call their Mascot!
This Mascot- 'Indian' on a white horse with painted spots, holding a flaming spear of painted turkey feathers and a painted face of a plains Indian warrior, riding up and down the football field?
Florida State Seminole mascot
Mascot definition and meaning by Oxford University Press. Feminine diminutive of mascot (witch)! Sorry to history you but the Seminole tribe is not Native Floridian!
The Native Floridians were killed off long ago, the Seminole people were hunter south by the Euro American soldiers and their villages is of all places in the swamps of south Florida.
This posting is in reference to this article
I don’t get it

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