O.K. so what is this Barrier Island

Development on barrier island should be halted
Some of my pray of 11/21/2012 is being looked at sort of!
My Thanksgiving prayer November 21, 2012
VOICES in the Dailey Commercial newspaper
Development on barrier island should be halted, Letter of the week by Cornelius A. Kelly of Leesburg Florida
O.K. so what is this Barrier Island and why is it so important to never build on them?
With this barrier in place many people on the main land would not have had much of this damage, loss of power homes!
As long as we keep paying people to keep rebuilding on these Islands, Mother Nature is going to keep wiping them out!
I do not want to see people needlessly dying or injured nor do I want this country to keep setting them up for another attack by storms.
I believe that this country can make an honest bid on their land and help them build elsewhere however, if they still insist on building on this Barrier land they should do so at their own expense?
Yes, this sounds cruel but it can save their lives!
I played high school football (Nose Tackle) at 5’11” 129 Lbs.
I love the game!
3rd year my mother and doctor contacted the school and ended that, this saved my body and properly my life, same thing with this Barrier Island?

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