I welcome all question and Thank you for this one.

Before we get to the answer, I remind everyone that the only thing that I am an expert at is, remembering the things that were drilled into my head by my ancestor!
One must also remember that even now after First Contact, Rat Poison, and Small Pox (another posting coming soon) there are still over five thousand tribes around Indian Country, some recognized by this government some are not!
This question is about Smudging .
Grandmother Tribal Elder Virginia Graverette Pigeon is a great teacher, I would be please to get to know her, she follows her ancestors knowledge, culture and ceremonies. Her people are in central country, mine are in eastern country.
As with the many tribes, there are many ways of remembering our culture and ceremonies, as she teaches, there is no wrong way to smudge, and as my ancestors like to say, "Smudging is another way to Pray"!
Her statement right at the beginning
"Some people follow the Traditional Way and some follow the Christian Way and that one way respects the aspects of both ways. Both know one God".
I am one of those believers in both ways!
Smoked the Pipe of Peace, our people call it a Friendship Pipe.
Remember that as with my people, tobacco was and still is grown in and around our land however, it was never treated with chemicals we mix it as one of the Herbs called Kinnick, Kinnick!
The four sacred herbs, tobacco, sweet grass, sage, and cedar.
We did not know about sage or sweet grass until my grandfather (Sachem Tallfox) made one of his many trips out west in the 1930's.
We now include, with permission, each along with our Kinnick, Kinnick.
Sachem discussed our Kinnick, Kinnick and their herbs with their elder, both agreed the use of all of them would be acceptable in prayers.
Smudge the room
The smudges around the room depends with the tribes own beliefs. For example, the original traditional people like the Creek, Pequot's, Mohegan's up and down the east coast, dance and walk counted clock way, the occult up and down the east coast dance and walk clock ways, it all depends on the group of people however, the East is where everything in Indian country always starts. We make sure that everything being smudged is taught as a prayer, everything smudged is blessed by Creator.

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