God is in charge!

High Court may take up prayer at meetings.
Many times in my life I have been so distort when hearing how trickster, some of you call the Devil, has sent his slaves to try to disprove and destroy the word of our Creator (GOD)!
Each time while in prayer, my maker has to remind me about the reason and the need for this turmoil as stated many time throughout the word. (BIBLE)!
The trickster ( Satan) was made just like all of the angles by our Creator only to complete the good book. (some angels as planned are now demons).
I thank our Creator (GOD) for showing us the truth in the word (BIBLE)!
As stated in the last book before our Creator takes us home, workers for the one that was also created, are working overtime to steal as many of us as they can just before we go home to a much better place!
How can a creation ever be an accuser over its Creator?
Trickster, keep up your works so that we, the children of our Creator can watch and pray because we all have the tickets, to be redeemed at the pearly gates soon!
Come LORD Come!

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