My Thanksgiving prayer

Sandy has come and gone, time for a better plan of attack!
I hate to rain on anyone's parade, so I have not blogged about this fact, until now!
Mother earth in her infinite wisdom built land along our shores from Nova Scotia to Miami in places as a buffer against Mother Nature.
Although Native Americans traveled this area to hunt and fish they never disturbed this buffer, trees, rocks and boulders except as needed. They build their villages on the main land.
Mankind in his infinite wisdom, remover this natural buffer and replaced it with cement and black top sprinkled with buildings so, each time Mother Nature gets bored and decides to ruffle a few feathers around Mother Earth, her wind blow and water flow will inward with little resistance.
My people along the coast of Connecticut have long praise Mother Earth for our buffer (Long Island), it is still somewhat of a buffer, even with a few of those cement, black top roads and buildings!
While the people in this country hurry to help feed, clothe and rebuild, maybe we can also look for ways, as did Mother Earth, to also once again re place that buffer one way or another and make ready for a return that will surely come from Mother Nature?

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