Occult in Indian Country

Another question that has been showing up on my tracker
How did it get into our culture and ceremonies?
OK, let’s try another route while explaining how this (the first non native way to assimilation and extermination of my people).
The European Occult!
Remember, my friends, while I was being groomed by our elders, it was the 40′s, 50′s and 60′s.
Many times while at our meetings, the clan mothers would take up a collection to run across the street to buy bread, meat, cheese, if possible, and soft drink mix for a meal, because meeting would go on for hours and this small group was less then poor!
There was no connection to money so, non native’s never showed up at our meetings.
We would always teach our culture, ceremonies, drum and dance.
To the outsides this may have seemed a little strange?
We would hold at least one Paw ~ paus each moon (Month) plus weddings, funerals, birthdays, births, adoptions and more, because after all we are all family!
The flip side of this is and remember that I have never been invited to an Occult meeting.
I do know that the tribes up north, out west and the Europeans do enjoy some of the occult ways so, I guess people assume that all natives are of this occult?
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Looking for information about the Occult in Indian country
Occult knowledge of Native Americans
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Native Indians occult

6/30/11 Native American Occult.

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