What is an elder?

Native American Elder.
What is an elder?
This question is asked many times out on the internet an when answered by a non native about a native elder it is usually the wrong answer.
An elder in a New England tribe is every person older than any other person however, when a native talks about older they are speaking about knowledge, a newly adopted 85 year old cannot become an elder until they pass a 13 moon ceremony, teaching the culture, ceremonies, ancestors and about our people, we were taught to always be an elder to your younger tribal member, because you will always have some past experience that you should share, that said, elders are usually a much older person that has been in Indian country for some time, so you know that you can go to with a questions.
If he or she is a true elder young or old and does not have the answer, they will stay with your question until your answer is found.
Sometimes the truth may be no answer, so say it, there is no answer!
Some of our elders are along side of my blog postings

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