Sachems Pie

This is an update from the old tried and true Sheppard's pie from days gone by, called poor man's meal.
I started this recipe because the person I live with is a Simi veggie, I on the other hand I was a carnivore!
She eats some meat if! If I can cook it just right, God I love a challenge!
For the meat, which of course is the most important part of the meal, shop any place except Wal Mart ( fatty, gristle pink slime), hopefully a place that does not use Pink Slime, I use Publix supermarket.
Pick the meat that you like best, a good meat manage can help the newbie however, we do not need fat or gristle if possible, we also do not want hamburger meat. Look the meat manager in the eyes and point blank as if that store uses pink slime!
I know about the controversy with pink slime, I also personally know what is in this meat and why companies put it in!!!!!!
Use it if you wish?
Also I know that some fat and gristle is said to be good while cooking, not in my pie.
I buy a day or so before the cooking because I find that it cuts better when a little frozen rather than soft!
Ground Turmeric ( good tasting, good for you) 1-teaspoon
Ground Cilantro leaves 1-teaspoon
Creole seasoning 1 teaspoon
Onion Powder 1-teaspoon
Garlic Powder 1-teaspoon
Salt Free all purpose seasoning 1/2 teaspoon
No need to oil the frying pan however, meat has fluid in it, a few drops if you wish, season your meat with the standard herbs.
Sprinkle the top of your meat while in the frying pan with your herbs using half of my recommended amount, use the rest after turning over the meat.
The most important herb for me is Ground Turmeric, healthy!
After you flip the meat over, in about 5 minutes and use the rest of the herbs you should cut the meat into a million pieces, will ok not a million.
Cook the meat on a low heat covering the pan.
While cooking the meat, peel you potato's, for the two of us I wash, peel and 1/4 cut about 6 large potato's.
Choose your favorite vegetables, I find that uncut green beans, whole corn and peas with a shredded carrot on the top of potato's after job is completed works for me.
Fresh if possible, frozen is ok.
NEVER use canned anything, canned products create poison.
The food in cans absorb chemicals from the cans so they coat the inside of the can with a chemical? Poison!
Allow the meal to cook the vegetables, never cook them before hand and lose vitamins!

OK about now you must be saying "never write a recipe again EVER"!
Sorry, but if you are following my blogger you know that I am no writer!
However, like Chef Bob, I do love to cook!
OK let's get to the Mashed potatoes?
I have this 26 year old Hamilton Beach hand mixer that unknown to me was recalled shortly after I bought it?
The only repair that I had to do to it was replace the cord, not going to talk about this accident?
The navy cooks and many of my elders told me say " never use high speed while mixing mash potato's ?
So of course, with a few table spoons of real butter and 1 1/2 cubs of 2% milk I using high speed to mash my potatoes.
If by now the meat is will done because you have been watching and staring all of this time, it goes into a oven safe pan, the veggies cover the meat and your fluffy potato's cover them both!
Sprinkle your graded carrot's over the potatoes, two table spoons of parmesan cheese and two table spoons of Italian bread crumbs while the oven is catching up to 350 degrees and into the over for 35 minutes, you are done. Bon appétit?

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