Medicine person at Grand Entry

Because I made the statement I guess now I must explain why I said this medicine man in grand entry. Calling out?
Because I was brought up in a Traditional family and grow up at a time when Paw paus was the ceremony of choice over powwow, I was use to ceremonies treated as a family affair!
Grand Entry (Our Church).
Pow~Wow Etiquette Vocabulary and Titles:
Please remember, powwow or paw paus, they are both a dancing prayer with Creator.
Every veteran is invited, nay encouraged to join in, native or not.
This means that after the entry dance into the circle (sacred circle) and before the veterans dance, we have a prayer asking Creator to bless the gathering and come enjoy our fellowship!
This is all good however, we must keep in mind that our elders, veterans and non veterans are now standing at attention and we old people can no longer do this if some bag of wind is out there just to pat himself or herself on the back because they are such good speakers.
Creator loves all of creation and always has an eye on everything. No need to keep trying to get Grandfathers attention, Creator will attend after your prayer, long or to the point!
So with this in mind just say your prayer, get the elders out and into their chairs then go have your long winded prayer, please?

Very important, Creator does not care if you think that you can or cannot dance, no one can dance better then Creator however, Creator just loves dancing with you, so close your eyes and allow Creator to lead, you will enjoy this dance for the rest of your life, I promise!

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