What is a Squarw Sachem and how many Squaw Sachems are in a tribe

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The land of my Penobscot uncle, Uncle Russ (Rolling Thunder), looking for information about what is a Squaw Sachem and how many Squaw Sachems are in a tribe?

I would like to start out with a spelling correction (still teaching) Squaw is a European word meant to insult our females, our spelling, tribes that are of a Matriarch society, is Squarw, this is an honor like, placing one up on a pedestal of tremendous respect!

How many Squarw Sachems are in a tribe? Our people have, to my knowledge, one in our past, Squarw Sachem Cooper! I believe that the Seekonk Wampanoag tribe also had one?

Penobscot Nettie Smith would not be considered a Squarw Sachem now, however, back in her time the tribe was still a Matriarch society. So she really is!

What is a Squarw Sachem?

As in our past, if a Sachem in a Matriarch society, for some reason crosses (Deceased) and has no son with the knowledge, the oldest clan mother, with the knowledge, would become the Sachem, her son would then become Sachem when she crosses.

Squarw Sachem Cooper (Mohegan) was just adopted (Clan Mother) and was therefore the (oldest) or best qualified.

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