Dyslexia in Native Americans?

There are a good, strong, hand full of way to know that you have Native American Blood.
One of them is a fact that we tend to be dyslexia, how dyslexic depends on the amount of native gens (Indigenous blood )we have.
Protecting my honor? :-(
Dyslexia in a native is the hard time our minds seem to be having agreeing with the English language!
Another fool proof way of telling is a simple test, looking in a mirror, hold your hand up palm facing your nose.
A natives little finger tends to bend towards the other fingers (this really shows more in women then the men)?
Well this is a little attempt at the impossible, saving face!
I enjoy going back on posting to see if people like, or just have no opinion about a subject on a posting, I also know about my English grammar, so I re read the post :-(
I know the scientist out there may not be a believer, so another little test is in order.
When we were writing our letters (pen & paper), we would spend time and more care on the work at hand.
When we are typing or using a computer and in a hurry, we tend to think faster then we type.
Looking back at the work, our letters seem to want to reverse themselves?
(Themselves can turn out to be themeslevs)?
It also does not help if one has fat fingers!
Now, if you take this and the fact that back in the 40's and 50's, teachers in schools off my reservation had very little interest in teaching INDIANS, ENGLISH!
You can see why it takes me so long to get back to you with answers to questions, sorry!
And then I still goof up, OH WELL!
I am writing about this because it would seem that every time I go back to check, no matter how hard I try before posting, I find mistakes.
All I have to say for myself is "Working on it".

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