I am not a writer! DUH!

Just one lasts time then a promise never again?
Also once again, talking about my people.
I am not a writer! DUH!
I am writing far too much about "non recognized people" DUH!
OK, the reason why and why I turned my back on my people, the ones with the two largest casino's in country, not counting my promise to both of my Sachems!
If you were not brought up in a complete Matriarch system of happy family people, you might never completely understand the why?
In the 1940's, 50's and 60's I knew gathering as Paw-paus, these gatherings four times a year and our mouthy meetings where by invite (everyone wishing showed up).
This country is in need of this once again!
I spent my younger years learning from thousands of elders from tribes from Nova Scotia to Delaware, all over New York state and beyond, ALL were of this Matriarch Society, all were poor, so this government had no problem calling them TRIBAL!
After the late 1980's this government with their "Indians" are constantly telling you that ALL of those thousands of elders, people I have loved for a life time and now ancestors, are not Native Americans (Original people) because they no longer qualify as what this government and their "Indians" call Native Americans!
Remember, all of those people were united in one main cause. Get their land back or get compensation (other land or fair payment for stolen property)!
By collecting a few people that sold out for a casino, this government now owes nothing to the decadents of these people?
Tribes all over New England where recognized by state governments, where did these tribes go?
It’s a puzzlement?
‘US govt. discriminates against Native Americans

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