Happy Birthday Chief Silver Eagle (Friday December 28th 1985)


Chief Silver Eagle
Also known as

(Chief Silver Eagle Feather) 
a long time friend of our family would have been 100 today.

I will always remember him from his last Paw ~Paus back in 1985, his first day home.

On that day Creator Chose to honor a faithful servant and do so through, of all people, me?

Our Creator has a sense of humor, Creator knows that I loathe being at the forefront of any gathering, so all of my life I end up in the forefront of a social event?

I received my native name at a Chief Eagle Feathers Paw ~Paus age 6, my first time as Head Veteran was in 1965 at a Chief Eagle Feathers Paw ~Paus, the second time in the history of both tribes a Sachem of one tribe became a warrior of the other tribe for a day, was on this day in 1985.

Without going into any parts of a Sacred Ceremony because, you see, this turned into one of them.

It just so happened that I was again the Head Veteran at his gathering (Paw ~Paus) and within seconds of offering tobacco ( as you know by now Kinnick - Kinnick) to invite Creator into the circle, everything in the Grange Hall went quiet and I froze in place.

This was the first time that Chief Eagle Feather was not at the side of a Head Veteran at his gathering handing out and offering tobacco.

Some months earlier he became Wheelchair bound.

I put my tobacco back into my pouch in my Regalia, walked straight through the circle to the Elders seating in the West, performed the Sacred Ceremony, handed my Great Grandfathers Bird of Prey Staff to the Chiefs Head Clan Mother and as soon as she finished her ceremony handing the staff to Chief, I walked back through the East to the back of the line now knowing that I was the one Creator wanted to dance Grand Entry for my friend.

No one including me knew why this happened, that is until we danced Grand Entry passed the Elder Chairs.

As I honored Chief on the way passed the elders I knew, he had a smile from ear to ear and winked to me.

Within seconds after the Paw ~ Paus Creator took my best friend home!

This one is for you Chief Silver Eagle, you are still my very best friend.

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