The Montaukett/Montauk Viable Tribe

I received two letters from factions of one of our tribal relations today.
It would seem that the Montaukett people are getting ready to prove to the state of New York that they are a viable tribe?
Well DAH!
As far as I know they were a viable tribe before Europeans came calling?
I am guessing that because we are related through Sachem Uncas, Preacher Occum and Sachem Cooper plus having many friends, I am expected to help chose their Sachem for the record?
This I will not do however, a few words about our past might help the tribe and state in their approach to reason?
Each member of both faction should by now know that my Grandfather, Father and I have turned our backs on people bowing under to the pressure from the state and federal governments just to get a small piece of land to call a reservation. For a casino on to entice people to gamble away their hard earned money!
Except for the fact that, people cannot remove a Sachem, it is up to the tribe if they want the Island to become a reservation for a casino?
Just about all of the traditional Native Americans Elders from both of your neighboring tribes have been disqualified as Native Americans by casino Indians?
The towns and cities around the casinos are now called casino areas, like this one
Last, each one of us will be answering to our elders and Creator.

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