Happy Holiday or Marry Christmas?

Many of my ancestors were Christians because of  Sachem Ben Uncas and Preacher Samson Occum.
Being born into this bloodline and becoming a Spiritual teacher I have studied many religions.
Now to the meat of this posting.
Happy Holiday or Marry Christmas?
Which is the correct statement?
If you are not a Christian one would guess that it really does not matter?
Personally I enjoy reading the Old & New Testament bible, it is a collection of many books (how many books depends on which Christian religion books you are reading)?
One must admit each book has something in it to appease everyone's appetite for reading a good story, love, hate, war, good guy, bad guy, just to name a few.
Hey, I had to read books like 'Les Miserables' in school and give a book report on them!
If you are a Christian and you are so upset about saying Happy Holidays?
Get back to reading your bible!
Yes, I do believe that Jesus Christ ( Father Sky) was born, I believe that Creator (GOD) did send himself (Son) to teach this world (Mother Earth) how we should be living.
The biggest problem with our thinking is " Father Sky ( the son of your God) was not born on December 25th!!!!!!!!!!!
Want to know when?
Go read your bible.
Do what your god has instructed you to do, pray before, during and after you read!
There are so many things wrong in this world (Mother Earth) one would think that all religious people could fine many other things to fight about?
"There but for the grace of God go I"?
Have Yourself a Merry Christmas and many Happy Holiday's

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