UNCAS SCHOOL Norwich Connecticut

 A school names after my ancestor the first Sachem of the Mohegan Tribe!
I believe that I now have two more friendly angels on my shoulders helping me to get in touch with countries around Mother Earth (no names at this time until I can get their permission).
Other countries have been coming to my website and blogger looking for information about my people however, ending up on a posting from a school in Uncasvillage (Norwich Connecticut).
This schools principal posted a parcel statement from one of my 1994 website written by her school children on the school website.
This statement, with two photos, stayed on that school website for many years or until the casino Indians came into power in Connecticut?
For many years starting with Sachem Tallfox, then Sachem Zeak and I, would be asked to come to schools around Uncasvillage, we have never turned down a chance to enjoy a day with the children.
Because the website was taken down the information has been polluted. For instance, Sachem Rolling Thunder ( my uncle) was a Sachem of the original traditional Penobscot people from Maine.
"Our people spent a lot of time in and around the land that this school was built on so there are many Sacred places, some still have not been overrun by Euro Americans!
This was the schools website!
"Our school is named after the first Sachem of the Mohegan Indians, Uncas. This is Uncas' story, as told by the present leader of the Storey Clan, Walkingfox. "The Storey Clan is from the Abanaki Algonquin Nation." --Sachem Rolling Thunder. "After Grand Sachem Wopigwooit, who died in 1631, the next Sachem of the Pequot tribe, could have been either Uncas or Sassacus, because of their blood lines. Most of the tribe wanted the leadership to go to Sassacus, and so it did. After many years, many wars, and the loss of many young braves of the nation of the Pequot's, Chief Uncas tried to get Sachem Sassacus to stop the wars and make peace with the white man. Chief Uncas tried to explain to his people, that if they continued on this path of war and destruction, they would soon no longer exist. So, Chief Uncas took all who wanted to go and moved them across the Pequot River, which is now called the Thames, to the Great Falls of the City of Kings, which is now called Norwich, and named the Clan, the Mohegan's. The name Mohegan means Wolf. (Shortly after) this time, Uncas became the Grand Sachem of the Mohegan's." http://www.sachem-uncas.com"

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