The beauty of asking questions

I am going to try to answer a statement by anonymous?
I am only answering because I believe that the statement was written while trying to help jar my mind about visiting schools.
Please remember that while following my Grandfather, father and then going to schools as Sachem I have been to schools around a thousand times all around the New York, New England area, many of those times were of course repeat visits.
I cannot resist a challenge of trying to jar my memory and when someone asks a question or in this case makes a helpful statement seems to be the better way?
First ~ Thank you for remembering my visit and your kind words.
Second ~ The photo on your schools circulars sounds like the picture of our original tribal flag?
I did visit a school, I believe, in upper New York ( Sachem Elementary) many years ago, you are showing your age,
Third ~ I always follow my grandfathers tradition while teaching every place that I go.
In your case (Elementary school) I more than likely wore my Black Dungarees, Moccasins made for me by a Mohawk and a Ribbon Shirt made by an adopted elder Blackfoot women from Connecticut/New York.
My grandfather had his Sagamore and/or warriors carry all of the regalia and ceremonial equipment and he, my father and then me, explained the reasons why.
This photos that you are describing is of my Great Grandfathers Tribal Flag!
Your school had the closest picture of this very sacred flag, no photos were allowed so yours was hand painted and worth a few pennies today!
This flag and his Sacred Staff disappeared in 1986 while the family was tending to my father's funeral ceremony and I sure would like to know more about your seeing it?

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