“It's a Puzzlement”!

Treasury Department Spells Out Proposed Rules for Taxing Native Americans
No need to once again go into my feeling on Casino's, Shaman or Spiritual Leader however, how can a government justify not taxing religious organizations the likes of churches and Synagogue and then tax Native Americans that they call a Nation?
Even though many countries did tax this country at its beginning, this country does not tax other countries however, we do tax another Nations?
Don't get me wrong, if I must pay taxes so should everyone else?
If a group of people living within this country are called a Nation (Nation to Nation sovereign governments), how can this country tax that nation?
On the other hand, I pray at my church alter at least three times a day sever days a week, why does this country tax my yard?
As the king in the King and I likes to say “It's a Puzzlement”!
The IRS and Treasury Department met hammer out some guidance” on what is taxable and what is excluded under existing laws.
The biggest problem with the following statement in the article. The ability of tribes to provide for the general welfare of their citizens is truly critical to the self-determination of tribal governments especially important given one out of every four Native people in the U.S. live in poverty.
Every tribe that now has a casino that I know about, has dumped their poor poverty stricken people so as to get that casino!

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