Getting a little nerves!

People from all over are blogging my postings looking for something?
I wish to remind everyone that my postings are just that, postings and most of the postings are from many memories of our ancestors and their teachings.
I have never nor will I ever claim to be an expert in anything however I do enjoy visits to the blogger.
I enjoy the reading, I enjoy the questions and learning of others teaching, every now and again I even enjoy answering questions with what I have learned from our elders now ancestors.
Welcome to you all, if you do have questions I will always do my best with an answer, if I have one.
Morton Illinois
Looking for tahtonka/ sachem walkingfox?
We work together at times trying to find your answers to questions.
Gainesville Florida
Ocala Florida
Orange Connecticut
Seoul Seoul-tukpyolsi Korea
The Last Of The Mohican 영화에 나왔던 Uncas (웅카스)
This one has written many times, wish that I could get back to someone?
Bushnell Florida

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