Can one use Kinnick, Kinnick if tobacco is mixed in?

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Looking for information about Native American Kinnick, Kinnick
The question was
can you use kenick for ceremony if tobacco is mixed in
Yes, tobacco without chemicals is a very important part of herbs used in this mixture by my people and yours that makes up what we, the natives call Kinnick, Kinnick.
This said please do not get hung up on any type of herb, tobacco is an herb, that you will be using the only thing to remember about tobacco, herbs, ceremonies and our culture in general is that they are all meant to remind us to get into prayer with our Creator!
None of the about is demanded or required just remember to talk often to Creator, AHO (Amen)!
Herbs are Tobacco, Sweet grass, Sage, Herbs and NOT Cigarettes!

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