Question about Native American memorial service

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Asking your question about this Native American memorial service
This may come as a shock to some people native or not?
The Native Americans, Catholics, Protestants, Jewish people or the non believers do not have a monopoly on their Supreme Being!
Now this I am an expert, one of billions of experts!
Your Supreme Being is the only expert!
I wrote about this article a very long time ago however, when asked I will re comment.
I do not know this person (Dr. Carlos Gonzales, an associate professor at the University of Arizona College of Medicine) I would however be the first to say that he has as much as and maybe ever more right to speak with his Supreme Being as I have.
The president of University of Arizona President Robert Shelton asked for a Native American Prayer?
This doctor of medicine, a Native American Catholic, made it plain that he was not blessing anything he was asking Creator (God) for many blessing after a horrible episode like the one in my state at the school in Connecticut.
Although a little on the winded side for a tragedy, he did feel the need to explain, so believe that he was directed my his Supreme Being and please pray on it?
No, the word GOD an Euro-American word, was not used because this person knows that God and Creator are one and the same!
He also did not specify any blessing, knowing the wisdom of Creator there was no right or need to tell Creator how to bless!
Catholic Doctor Explains Native American Prayer He Delivered at Arizona Memorial

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