Viking/Native American

Silly me I thought that I was going to learn something on this one?
A quote from this person
"Why do people always say that Native Americans were the original Americans when they weren't"?
"The Vikings came before them as did other groups of people. The Native Americans just lived there like they did. Then the British came and colonized this country and founded the US".
This turned out to be something like the
“I’m spiritual, not religious” JOKER!
Mind you he liked my answer!
I will never again ask for a return reply after answering a question!
I now get 50 to 60 comments from this big bag of wind know it all on my comments blogger!
Now to this question about who was the first Vikings or Native American first people?
I wish to thank Creator for sending the Vikings to our shores, contrary to popular belief this group of people were good kind friends to the first people.
The operative words are (First People)!
It is another reason why the natives up and down the east coast are lighter skin then natives in the south west!

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