Almost if not all native tribes have a massacre story

I am not happy about the abuse at Wounded Knee any more then I am knowing about the destruction of the our Pequot tribe however, it is time to include in our prayers, all of the abuse of all of the people?

Native Americans remember 'forgotten' massacre that left 450 dead in vicious attack during the Civil War

Top photo is a true traditional elder respectfully praying for the ancestors.

You can have all of the words and physical movement that you feel is correct if you are looking for admiration from your public or you can quietly join in with an elder for respect to our ancestors.

In other words, standing up front of an audience and preaching and blessing everything with your words make little sense for a relation that has now crossed? Just quietly pray for all to remember while you are doing what she is doing and go sit.

The Battle at Bear River is not one that the general public may have etched in their memories, but for the members of the Shoshone tribe of Native Americans, it is an incident that lives in infamy.

On Tuesday, descendants of the Shoshoni Indians gathered near the site in present-day Idaho where hundreds of their relatives were slaughtered 150 years ago.

The Massacre at Bear River took place in 1863 when heightened tensions between the Native Americans and federal troops from the California reserves reached a tipping point.

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