Honky Giver?

Honky Giver is something like Indian Giver only totally different?

My ancestors spoke about a lost European traveler that was fed, cloth and cleaned up and was allowed to borrow a horse from the tribe to complete the trip home. Once home the traveler was to give the horse back to his escort ( one of our people) only this traveler had the escort arrested and hung for stealing the horse!

Indian Giver?

Honky Giver is a Euro American governor that spent the first 3 years taking from the people and now time to run for that 2nd term so he wants credit for trying to return what was not his and is calling it a GIFT?

Honky Giver!

Gov. Rick Scott wants $1.2 billion for public schools

Let’s see how many people will still remember the first 3 years and not be fooled by his last year phony moves?

Question, "Is he the only politician throughout Indian Country trying to pull the wool over our eyes just to get reelected"?


I borrowed the word Honky because our people have no printable word for what the Europeans did and are doing to our people.

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