Can one have cake and eat it too?

An answer to the question of the eradication of the Pequot tribe.
The land of Sachem Uncas in the 1600′s

First you era in your bible thinking, Christ (GOD) can never become extinct, assumed a Jewish body for the purpose of teaching and never a Christian body according to the bible?
Second you are correct with being both Sassacus and Uncas descendent!
Your matriarchal/Mohegan and patriarchal/Pequot ancestors are still intact generically.
Then you must know that in a time soon after first contact the Pequot tribe split into separate Moheganeak tribes?
My information comes from our elders and a lot of footwork while writing a paper about our people while in high school traveling to every library, museum and town hall around the area of our people.
Before we can go forward to an answer to your question we must go backwards and before we go backwards I have a must read book, it could, by the way, make a great movie.
Without Reservation: The Making of America's Most Powerful Indian Tribe and Foxwoods the World's Largest Casino.
Jeff Benedict the Author and his family has lived in the area as long as my family. Mr. Benedict did his homework however, because so many Euro-American people made so many mistakes and would now lose a lot of money plus end up in many lawsuits, nothing will ever be done to correct their mistakes.
That said, as long as they ( Foxwoods) have a casino you are a member!
As long as there is a Mohegan reservation, you are a member!
If not for a death bed prayer (promise) guess who would be running them both?
Now to your statement, to correctly answer we must go back to the beginning of this confusion or at least back to the time when we were all one tribe.
While living in the area of the Great Lakes we were all Moheganeak's.
The people living on the Moheganeak/Pequot/Mohegan land on that side of the river were placed there by our Mohegan ancestors in order to stop land grabbers from settling on the then vacant grounds, vacated after the last war with the English and neighboring tribes, to keep people from stealing the village land, so the last three women living were in fact your Moheganeak/Pequot/Mohegan ancestors?
I knew and visited them often before they became our ancestor.
My mother always called herself a Pequot, I think just to take my father down a few pegs each time he came back from a bar room brawl!
I long ago gave up on talks about our people with my mother, the old respect your elders thing!
All of this information should be on micro chips at the Hartford town hall if interested!

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