Giving back Follow up

First yes, please help this lady and her people.

Yes, many of the poorest elders have nothing to protect them from this horrible weather, you can drive by these "houses" and see through many of the poorly built sides to see these elders suffering with no heater in the winter no A/C in the summer, no electric most of the time because they also have no money. While this might get your attention and make you want to ship out money and goods remember this, 99% of your money and goods go to the top mob, very little if anything trickles down to the poor!

You MUST find a school of church that is willing to hand deliver.


This is why Traditional Native Americans have nothing to do with "Casino Reservations". Reservations mostly nonexistent until this government made them. Almost everyone of these "Indians" take and do not give back. They take millions!

It they did give back, this poor lady would have no need to be out begging for help.

Many of my readers will not enjoy reading this posting however, it needs to be said and people like me have been saying so for many years now. So many times the truth hurts and this is one of those times.

I have been to Pine Ridge, it took a few trips to be trusted however, have many friends and do believe that they are in need of help.

So do the thousands of "Reservations around them and throughout Indian Country.

While doing this traveling I have also been to thousands of towns, cities and villages of non natives just as much in need of our help?

I know that the natives were ripped from their land and moved to any useless land not wanted by this government, unless this government found a use for that land, then they were moved again.

I also know that Creator (GOD) helps those that help themselves. The buffalo is not coming back to that land, not without help.

They need to come to terms with this fact and come together with alternative way of helping themselves, then they can go out and bring back the buffalo if they still wish.

The land around them is very cold in the winter and very hot and dry in the summer. Both times the wind is blowing and the sun is shining, a great place for many types of alternative energy?

One thing about this government, it has offered their people help many times and it was refused just as many times, because they just want the old ways of hunting the buffalo.

This government needs to also offer the help to our cities, towns and villages? They will not refuse, unless you are Governor Scott of Florida.

Also something to think about?



Clifton woman donating used homes to Native Americans

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